Friday, 31 May 2013

Corner of my eye

Last night there was a thunderstorm, and zoe (my dog) was scared and hid under the table. Me and Sebastian watched twin peaks and Marianne Faithful interviews and Harry Potter and huddled under blankets while it rained and thundered outside. Seb battled the elements on an epic journey for nesquick and cake mix, and he baked while I drew.

 ~Me as a Wood Nymph~

 ~Two faced~

 ~Me and Seb, googely eyed toddlers~

Here are a couple of photos from last week, of me and Seb feeding Jack's Possum. It's the funniest little creature, with delicate little hands that so tentatively take the food that's offered. She's partially blind as well, so she just wanders back and forth on his deck and Jack has to guide her by the smell of pears and apples back to her tree. 

 ~poss poss~

I'm also going to set up an online store on society 6, and try and sell some of my better drawings. It's such a cool website, so many amazing illustrators from all over the words showcase their work there. It's so easy to use as well, just upload high res photos or scans of your own work, then the company prints and distributes them for you. You also have the option of turning your work into phone cases, printed pillows, stretch canvases, laptop covers and more. Here are some little gems I have my eye on;

 ~Seeking New Heights - Matt Miller~

~There is a Light (phone case) - Matt Miller~

~Satanic Wednesdays - Luke Gray~

There are so many beautiful pieces I want to buy. I don't really know if anyone would actually buy my crummy drawings but I'll give it a shot anyway, can't hurt to try. I'll post a link here once I've set it all up.

Enjoy some Marianne, angelically beautiful and her voice is like a birdsong. She had her dark side though. Read her book.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Anais Nin

I'm fascinated by Anais Nin - her writing, her life, her affairs and her unique way of perception. In her preface to Delta of Venus, she writes about the different ways men and women view sex - and how she as a female writer blends poetry and lyricism into her erotic writing. She sets up Delta with a series of her diary entries, detailing a collector requesting erotic literature. For a dollar a page, she writes short stories of sexual encounters, but is told to cut out the poetry and skip to the details - her commissioner wants nothing but emotionless and lifeless descriptions. In her books and her diaries, she writes of affairs and romances fuelled by poetics of the body, of emotion and the lyricism of sex and love, the two inextricably linked and coexisting as an art form. Not only are her affairs a work of art, but she documents her life into it's own art form, through her diaries; published in seven volumes and spanning from her first diary at age 11, to her death in 1977.

Her most notable relationship was with Henry Miller, fellow writer of eroticism, and pioneer in American Literature. Henry and Anais (amongst others) revolutionised the novel, creating a text that blended fictional narrative, philosophical discourse, and autobiography. The two were also lovers, and maintained a long friendship. 


Here's an interview taken from a documentary, including a clip of Henry and Anais sitting and discussing dream psychology.
I'm now watching Henry & June, a film based on the diaries of Anais Nin and exploring her relationship with Henry and his wife. It's beautifully directed and stars a young Uma Thurman who is so amazing :')

 ~so sexy ugh~

blogs what

I made this blog because i simply have too much time on my hands and i just wanted to DO SOMETHING. I also I just want to show people my drawings cause I want attention and stuff, but I don't think anyone actually looks at this blog except Jack and Seb anyway. Maybe Bill now that I've alerted his attention to it. Bill's blog is actually really cool to look back over, because he's documented some of the best times of the last six or seven months - i had a nostalgic look over his past posts, about my birthday and the poems everyone wrote for me, about the night we all sat on the riverside and took that photo which i love and Cathy has framed, about the night James, Bill, Kassie and I smoked coffee joints and danced to Uffie and made up stories about sailors drowning in our cups of tea.

~me on my birthday~

 ~the riverside~

 ~dance party aka shrooms night~

Anyway...  my point is I really like nostalgia, and documenting things so that i can look back over them. I've always kept a diary but i like the idea of a blog because you can add photos too, and i always end up tearing things out of my diary or losing it or something. And also i guess i want other people to read this too so i can feel validated and all that. 

This is me right now. I have pimples and my hair is greasy but whatever. I wear my fur jacket around the house because it makes me feel like Courtney Love or Marianne Faithful and because it's cold at the moment which i like.

And this is Jack right now, wrapped in my pashmina blanket from India and playing Bioshock Infinite which i bought him for our 6 month anniversary, and is actually such a cool game.  Featuring yet another fur jacket haha. And I'm just sitting here reading Anais Nin and chain smoking and eating cold chips. Blah.

Enjoy some patti xxxx

Wednesday, 15 May 2013


I've been drawing a lot. this probably has something to do with the fact that i have no job and nothing to do with all my time. 6 day weekend.. every week.. it sounds good in theory but the monotony is getting to me. The days seem to blur together. On a plus side, I revamped my room. Which means all the time i spend at home is somewhat more pleasant without a floordrobe. Having a nice place to sit and draw actually means a lot to me. Here are some photos.

The curtains I hung up myself, I bought them in India - one is actually a silk shawl from Varanasi and the other a Peacock print cotton sheet from Jaipur. I love them both, and the way the sun shines through them and makes my room seem like a blue haven. I also recently got the wrought iron bed frame, Jack's mum gave it to me. It makes me feel like an aristocrat, as Seb would say. More like an aristocrat's servant who's snuck into their master's room to lounge around and pretend to be rich. 

Here are some of my drawings.

Friday, 10 May 2013