Thursday, 26 December 2013

I'm a little wanderer wondering what I'm doing when I'm wasting all my money on wine.

Things have been so busy lately I feel like I haven't stopped to catch my breath in some time, and probably wont still for a while as I'm heading off to Sydney tonight to reunite with Sebastian in a dingy little hotel room! I love 'getting away' which is such a strange thing to love because what am I even getting away from, and why, and I've been asked so many times why I feel the need to go away so much and I can't really tell ya, it's just how it is yaknow. Blood boiling I just want to be on that plane now. Christmas has come and gone and it was one of the best I've had though truth be told I haven't had that many good ones, but definitely this year and the last have been so lovely. My cousin and I buy each other books, it's sort of a tradition, and this year she gave me In the Winter Dark by Tim Winton, the translated Illuminations by Rimbaud, and the selected poetry of Vladmir Nabokov and I think those are the perfect books for me right now and are just what I want to be reading. Yesterday some friends and I went to a dub gig in a park, then to Lentils, then to another gig, and I felt like we did so much walking even though it probably wasn't that much, but it really did feel like a journey of a day and those are the best days because you don't sit around wasting time you just get on your feet and go somewhere, which is what I'm doing tonight, and next month Jack and I are going to the Gold Coast, which is a horrible tacky place I know but so hilariously fun. I always carry those necessary little items in my bag such as a toothbrush and deodorant and spare undies because sometimes you just don't know where you'll end up, and in fact I haven't been home in about a week, and it's nice to know that all I need I can carry around on my back and be just fine. This year is sneaking to a close the way they always seem to do and I'm welcoming change, and like a roller coaster ride with both highs and lows this year has been both one of the worst and strangely best I've had.