Monday, 23 April 2018

smooth like honey

come walk with me. maybe we wont understand each other
but so much truth and beauty in trying. wasn’t it a hard year, isn’t this one
my surface is hard but inside I’m tender 

you’re who you’ve been waiting for. say that to yourself – you’re the one
that you’ve been waiting for. say it again
really think about it, believe it

my thoughts drip out in shades of lavender. found them on the bedsheets
like hardened cascades of candle wax, thought I’d learn something (bout me)

the lessons I thought I had learnt spin back round and I learn again
sacred spiral of repetition, but I’m different every time
every time I get closer                                  to me

and I’m jealous of all your ex partners and all the summers
of your youth, and I’m very much still a child and humbled by nature
and embarrassed by my own heart, endlessly

flung out of space, I could say that about you, I’m trying
with all my might to live as authentically as I possibly can
to bid farewell to the pieces of my self(and life) that don’t serve me

you’re such a gift to the world and so so beautiful
our souls are like planets and I’m in 
so much awe of your orbit

the uprooting challenges against my earth body
must be blessings in shadow form
I don’t quite understand them yet but                  I will, soon

the balance of ego, self and other, and the spaces between
that’s where god exists, or some kind of magic
mostly I’m cultivating gratitude, for everything, for you